Double Brand

Żabka Polska and Double Brand

15 july 2009

Żabka Polska decided to unify all the elements of corporate identity as colours, company materials, outdoor and in on-premise outlets. The company’s purpose was to unify their visual identity, and in consequence, to broaden its brand recognition.

Another project of Double Brand and Żabka, following CI Manual, was redesign of the company’s website. The new, clear layout designed in our studio was governed by the new CI guidelines. The plain bulletin layout allows to find the needed information easily and quickly. At the same time, the new project of the corporate website was created. The corporate website is aimed at business clients interested in co-operation with the company. The lighter graphic design, clear layout and factual content of the bulletin make the website be more of businesslike character.

During the co-operation with Żabka, Double Brand has also made the brochure promoting the new chain of Freshmarket stores. The chain represents the delicatessen of a convenience type – stores located in the city centres, in the surrounding area of housing estates which enables customers doing daily shopping - conveniently.