Double Brand

We help Kompania Piwowarska to welcome new employees

11 february 2009

The Agency contributed to the preparation of materials which might be helpful to anyone who starts his career in the company in learning about Kompania Piwowarska and its environment. As the manual for employees read “the people are the biggest capital of Kompania Piwowarska, that is why it is essential that everyone feels at home here”. And that is the reason why the KPintro program was introduced. For the use of the program we have made the binder, which is a guide to Kompania Piwowarska. The layout colours are the same as corporate palette – orange and green, and the entire set of materials is drawn up to facilitate work and encourage the employees to learn more about the company.

Materials were divided into four sections which present the company and its brands (About Kompania Piwowarska), introduce the brewing process (How our beer is brewed), describe the environment of the company and benefits offered by KP as the employer (Why is it worth to stay with us) and they also contain all the essential information as contacts, addresses and corporate glossary (Good to know).