Double Brand

Good climate with Double Brand

4 january 2009

Double Brand is the author of the logotype of the Year of Climate and Environment which became the official logo of the COP14.

The year 2008 was announced the Year of Climate and Environment, and on December 1 – 12th there was organized the international conference COP14, the annual forum of political discussion on climate protection. Among a number of projects created by Double Brand for the occasion of the declared Year of Climate and Environment there were brochures for the participants of the conference, information leaflets for the residents of Poznań as well as the design of the CD with birdsong tunes (which reflected the climate of the event). Additionally the projects with the slogan: Poznań. Good climate for talks were created, which placed on the outdoor located all over Poland promoted both COP14 and Poznań city itself.

Double Brand also saw to the good climate for the visitors. Apart from billboards placed at the PKP Railway Station, our agency designed the project and made the branding of the Poznań Ławica Airport hall and arrivals/departure lounge. All the area was bedecked with the natural world motives.

Each project was based on the motive designed by Double Brand for the needs of the Year of Climate and Environment. We also created the identification for the public transport, which facilitated the visitors traveling around the city. The tram stops in the vicinity of the Poznań International Fair, were the conference took place, as well as the tram and bus routes leading to the conference location were branded in a special way.

The design of the conference won wide recognition within the visitors and local authorities, and it undoubtedly contributed to the success of the event.