Double Brand

Go to school with Herlitz

18 august 2009

Double Brand in the co-operation with Herlitz have designed the new line of Rainbow notebooks available on the market due to Szkoła 2000 [School 2000] campaign.

This time you will not find the covers illustrated with automotive images, cartoon characters or animals pictures. What you will see is just a plain colour. We have applied eight colours to the covers – yellow, orange, red, pink, green, blue, navy blue and black. The stickers placed on the covers inform us that anyone may create his own original design.

How did we come up with the idea? The Herlitz marketing research indicated that some of the clients were tired of a feast of patterns on the notebooks’ covers. “The infinity of motives makes them uncomfortable and it creates a barrier while shopping” – says Marcin Sobczyński, Marketing Manager CE. “Another distinct trend observed by Herlitz is the latest craze of decorating the surfaces of objects as scrap booking or decoupage. Those two market demands have been linked in the new Rainbow notebooks line “ – he adds.

The covers are made of the best quality cardboard and are embossed with the logo and the label attached with an entirely removable water-based bonding adhesive. Even though the cardboard used is designed in vivid colours you can easily use a pencil, a felt-tip or a crayon to decorate it.

The new line design is not the first project made for Herlitz by Double Brand. As a part of the co-operation with the client the agency has made different projects as designs of other lines of notebooks and the Diary of Herlik the Rabbit /Pamiętnik królika Herlika/ campaign aimed at the first graders.