Double Brand

Double Brand for Nickel Development

5 march 2010

Double Brand Agency has won a tender for realization of advertising and sales promotion campaigns supporting new investment of Nickel Development - ZAMKOWA.

“ZAMKOWA project is for us especially important since it came into being in line with entirely new, creative concept. That is why we decided that the agency which was to provide us with the graphic support would be chosen by tender to which we’d invited 10 agencies. The project presented by Double Brand Agency lived up to our exact expectations – it’s fresh, stylish and warm at the same time. It renders the spirit of the estate. I am also satisfied with the course of our cooperation – I’ve got a true partner who is helping us not only with the creation of ZAMKOWA image but is also keeping deadlines as well as projects suitability and moreover, is flexible, which is especially important for us” – says Agnieszka Węgrowska, Marketing Manager for Nickel Development. Following guidelines of the campaign, which kicked off at the beginning of March, Double Brand created designs of press ads, internet banners, landing page and outdoor systems – billboards, buses and large-size advertisement.  Additionally, the campaign will be followed by a spot presenting subsequent stages of the campaign also created by the Double Brand Agency.

ZAMKOWA offer will be presented publicly for the first time during the Estate Fair in Poznań also provided by the Double Brand Agency with complex sales promotion materials.