Double Brand

Double Brand creates for the 91st anniversary of the Wielkopolska Uprising

18 december 2009

On the 27th December we commemorate the 91st anniversary of the Wielkopolska Uprising. For the second year in a row Double Brand took up designing the leading motif and creation of graphic images promoting the event.

This year’s creation makes explicit reference to well-known picture of Eugéne Delacroix and makes a collage of several photos from the session organized by Double Brand especially for the campaign. In the project, among other figures, we may see the most precious Wielkopolska symbols of freedom – Plac Wolności [Freedom Square], Bazar Hotel and the memorial of Czerwiec ’56 [June 56’ events].

The message is enhanced by slogans „POMAGAŁA NAM WIARA” [Faith helped us] and „NIE ZMARNUJMY SZANSY, TEJ” [May we not waste the chance] which on the one hand, honour the events from 1918/1919, and on the other hand refer to Wielkopolska dialect and this way indicate the region where the events took place.

Apart from outdoor systems projects (billboards, superscrolls, citylights, large-size mesh) which will appear all around Poland from 16th Dec, Double Brand created a short spot displayed on info screens in Warszawa Underground, press ads and posters to be displayed in Poznań trams and buses.

The commemoration of the last year 90th anniversary of the event supported by Double Brand creations was awarded in Złote Formaty contest .