Double Brand


Our cooperation with Nickel Development has started in February 2010 when we have won a tender for a design of promotional materials for the new estate investment in Dąbrówka, Wielkopolska region.

The estate has been designed with the idea of extending families as well as elderly people seeking for a quiet life. That is why we were especially concerned that preparing advertising and sales promotion materials present numerous qualities of the estate such as the proximity to nature, peace and quiet. At the same time they were to emphasize similarity of would-be residents to other people of the same age and at the same stage of life.

Following the project guidelines we prepared sales promotion materials such as offer catalogues, materials presenting particular apartments and binders. We created designs of press ads, internet banners, landing page and outdoor systems – billboards, buses and large-size advertisement. The campaign is followed by a spot presenting subsequent stages of the campaign also created by Double Brand Agency.